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Band Bio

The Spicy Condiments has roots going back over 25 years and has existed in a variety of lineups. It’s always been about mixing up the ingredients and keeping it spicy.

Initially assembled in 1990 for a high school talent show, the Spicy Condiments continued on to blossom into a perfect high school party band. As high school turned to college, summer breaks offered opportunities for the band to reunite and fill in gaps with new members, little brothers, older brothers, and any cast of characters willing to spice things up. In 2017, founding member Scott Farrell sounded the call to reassemble for Somerville Porchfest and the Condiments have been staying active ever since.

Our band’s focus remains having a good time and putting our own twist on classic songs, relying heavily on improvisation and communicating with each member of the band. Drawing heavily from Classic Rock influences and catalogues, we strive to bring you back while propelling you forward to the dance floor, adventuring with us to see what the next transition might bring! Grateful Dead? The Allman Brothers? The Band? ZZ Top? Phish? James Gang? Warren Zevon? The Beatles? Yep.

The Lineup

Scott Farrell: guitar and vocals

Paul McKnight: bass, vocals

Jesse Norris: drums, percussion, and sound

John Kulsick: guitar, vocals

Chris Phillips: keyboards

Once a Condiment, Always a Condiment: DJ Kulsick, Dan Kopelman, Marc Oettinger, Dave Finney, John McKnight, Thomas McKnight, Matt Frawley